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New Music on Spotify

Jordan Foley & The Wheelhouse have a batch of new songs on Spotify and all streaming services. Give the band a follow and add each song to your favorite playlists!

Jordan Foley & The Wheelhouse in the Studio

Jordan Foley & The Wheelhouse in the Studio

Help Jordan Foley & The Wheelhouse Make an Album: Back in 2019, I started a band called Jordan Foley & The Wheelhouse. In that same year, we worked hard and played over 20 shows in Florida. By 2020, we were on the verge of making our first album together. We even locked in our producer in Thomas Wynn (Thomas Wynn & The Believers, Hannah Harber & The Lionhearts). Then, of course, the pandemic hit and we weren't able to get the production off the ground. When the time finally came to start back up on the new album in 2021, we hit the ground running. We added Matt Wassum on drums to the group, and we started the production phase with Thomas in March 2021. Thomas has helped us so much on this record and has steered the ship as a producer we can believe in and trust. He loves the music just as much as we do, and he's been such an integral part of this whole process. Once we were ready by November, we began recording tracks in the studio with Rion Smith at his place, Studio 1509. As a band, we've been at it pretty hard in the studio ever since. We're very grateful to have been able to cover the cost of studio time, but ultimately, we're going to need some help with the other costs that go into making an album: production, mixing, mastering, album artwork, video content, and merchandise. That's where you come into play, as we could really use your help! Truly, we won't be able to make this album without you. While you might be thinking this is a big ask, the funds we're seeking will assist in taking care of the expenses that are on the horizon. Without the support of our fans, friends, family, and loved ones, we wouldn't be able to make this happen. So we're asking for one big assistance to get this ball rolling and have these songs released sooner than later! Of course, we want to be able to give you something in return for your kind donations. Here's what we've set up! Note: We'll be able to do this as long as your name/contact info is provided for us. The first 50 donations of $20 or more will receive a personalized postcard signed by the band thanking you for your contributions, along with a very limited edition Jordan Foley & The Wheelhouse sticker. Any donation of $50 or more will get a future 50% off on their first merchandise item purchase. If you are a high roller and want to donate $1,000 or more, we will set up a time and place to play an intimate show for you and yours. There aren't enough thank you's in the world to show you our gratitude for helping us out on this journey, and we're so excited for you to hear our new songs! Thank you so much, everyone. Sincerely, Jordan Foley & The Wheelhouse

About Jordan Foley & The Wheelhouse

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After the release of his debut solo album Give to Get a Day in 2018, Jordan Foley soon realized his songs needed a boost. He could hear a full band while performing his songs. So, he set out to put a band together.


Founded in 2019, Jordan Foley & The Wheelhouse consists of Jordan Foley (vocals, guitar), Tyler Hood (lead guitar), Cristian Faustmann (bass), Mikey Guzman (keys), and Matt Wassum (drums). The name "The Wheelhouse" came about from his friends who saw Jordan play live and tell him, "You should sing this song because it's totally in your wheelhouse." Over time, what Jordan initially thought would be an acoustic folk outfit turned into an all-out Americana/southern rock band.


On the band's sound and live performance, Orlando Weekly's Bao Le-Huu writes they "are on a whole other plane. Hearing his vigorous, stirring voice on its own is a moving thing, but seeing it flanked and given full wings by a five-piece ensemble is a splendor. His supporting cast is stocked with quality players and singers. Together, they make for a country-rock outfit that’s lush, articulated and muscular."


Jordan Foley & The Wheelhouse has solidified itself as a strong force to be reckoned with in Florida's growing Americana scene. Their first batch of songs to be released in 2023 were produced by Thomas Wynn (Thomas Wynn & The Believers), who played a pivotal role in helping the band identify their sound. In 2022, they also signed with Gainesville-based record label Painted Lady Records.


Jordan Foley & The Wheelhouse has been nominated in Orlando Weekly's annual Best of Orlando Reader's Poll, from 2019-2022. In 2022, they took second place for Best Folk Act.

They've been described by Creative Loafing Tampa's Ray Roa, "Jordan Foley’s voice is a vibe in itself, but it becomes a full-on force when coupled with his band, The Wheelhouse, which muscles up a sound that’s emerging as one of the freshest coming out of Orlando’s Americana scene.

When the band became official in 2019, they were dubbed Band of the Week by Orlando Weekly, an honor considering they hadn't played a show as the official lineup yet. Orlando Weekly's Bao Le-Huu writes, "the man’s got a band called Jordan Foley & The Wheelhouse, and they are on a whole other plane. Hearing his vigorous, stirring voice on its own is moving thing, but seeing it flanked and given full wing by a five-piece ensemble is a splendor. His supporting cast is stocked with quality players and singers. Together, they make for a country-rock outfit that’s lush, articulated and muscular."


For Booking Inquiries and Future Press

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Show History


2/11 - Antemesaris 31, Brooksville, FL

2/17 - Mike & The Moonpies, Joshua Ray Walker, Will's Pub, Orlando, FL

  • 220 tickets (Sold Out)

2/25 - Sanford Porchfest, Sanford, FL

3/5 - Townes Fest, Heartwood Soundstage, Gainesville, FL

3/26 - Brother Hawk, Conduit, Winter Park, FL

3/31 - The Steeldrivers, Tuffy's, Sanford, FL

  • 830 tickets (Sold Out)

4/16 - Red Clay Strays, Tuffy's, Sanford, FL​

5/2 - Sam Morrow, David Quinn, Eddie's Attic, Decatur, GA

5/3 - Sam Morrow, David Quinn, Range 231 N, Montgomery, AL

5/4 - Sam Morrow, David Quinn, Will's Pub, Orlando, FL

5/19 - Jessie's Lounge, Winter Haven, FL

5/21 - Have Gun, Will Travel, Pohgoh, Will's Pub, Orlando, FL

5/27 - The Steel Woods, The Social, Orlando, FL

  • 300+ tickets              

7/22 - Sarbez, St. Augustine, FL

  • 30+ tickets               

8/19 - Album Release Show, Will's Pub, Orland, FL​

  • 52 tickets                

9/16 - Florida Fin Fest, Jacksonville Beach, FL


2/4 - The Kernal, Tuffy's, Sanford, FL​​

2/25 - Heartwood Festival, Gainesville, FL

2/26 - Sanford Porchfest, Sanford, FL

4/15 - 1904 Music Hall, Jacksonville, FL

5/21 - West End Trading Co., Sanford, FL

6/18 - The Imperial, Orlando, FL

7/29 - Blue Jay, Jacksonville Beach, FL (SOLD OUT)

8/26 - Stardust Video & Coffee, Orlando, FL

10/26 - Will's Pub, Orlando, FL

12/2 - Will's Pub, Orlando, FL


10/17 - New Standard, Winter Park, FL

2/15 - Blue Jay, Jacksonville Beach, FL (SOLD OUT)

2/22 - Sanford Porchfest, Sanford, FL


3/18 - The Plaza Live, Orlando, FL

6/5 - Hurricane Party, Sanford, FL

9/3 - Couch Sessions, Ocala, FL

9/25 - Red Lion Reunion, Winter Park, FL

11/27 - Tuffy's, Sanford, FL

12/10 - Nick Shoulders and Riley Downing, Will's Pub, Orlando, FL


2/16 - Indie Folk Fest, Orlando, FL

2/23 - Rockin' Robinson, Orlando, FL

3/21 - The Falcon Bar, Orlando, FL

3/30 - The Imperial, Orlando, FL

4/27 - Wekiva Island, Longwood, FL

6/22 - Yellow Dog Eats, Gotha, FL

6/25 - Will's Pub, Orlando, FL

6/28 - Orlando Brewing, Orlando, FL

7/6 - Iron Cow, Orlando, FL

7/7 - Ella's Folk Art Cafe, Tampa, FL

7/12 - 1904 Music Hall, Jacksonville, FL

7/19 - Loosey's Pub, Gainesville, FL

7/20 - Hideaway Cafe, St. Petersburg, FL

8/19 - Austin Lucas, Will's Pub, Orlando, FL

9/21 - Sing Out Loud, St. Augustine, FL

12/28 - Hideaway Cafe, St. Petersburg, FL

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